Flexible Solution For Your Team

Comedian is a free stand-up bot that takes care of your daily remote stand-up meetings and team monitoring

Submit informative standups
Appropriate warnings will help your teammates to write better, more applicable standups
Manage deadlines and push non‑reporters
Your team will not miss standups deadline. Comedian reminds non‑reporters before the deadline, tags them if they miss a deadline and direct message PM if they still fail
Team performance reports
Reports to help you understand day-to-day team dynamics. Additional data is available with the Enji service (see later)!
And more…
Configure individual schedules or set flexible hours to get a better picture of the team
Read standup archives generated on projects, users or users in projects
No spam. Bot interactions: configuration, reports, and warnings are visible only to you
Do not get bot-dependent! Team still submits standups as if no bot is involved
Well written documentation allows to set up Comedian in less than 15 minutes
Comedian supports English and Russian languages! Standups are accepted with both!
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You can connect Comedian to Slack. And it uses Mad Devs’ internal service Enji to get other integrations. Contact us if you want to install this service along with Comedian.

Comedian is available for free!


  • What is a daily stand-up meeting?

    Stand-up meetings help the team align on goals and remove obstacles.
  • What is Comedian?

    Comedian is a free stand-up bot with general features that you can connect to yor Slack.
  • If I want more features?

    If you are interested in rich functionality, you can try Enji. It makes the project team's work process transparent the work and counts the money spent on development, for example. To find out more, visit the Enji website .
  • Why do I need to choose daily stand-up software?

    Stand-up software is absolutely necessary in order to make the standup asynchronous.